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Techlets provide people management solution for Sonepar Asia-Pacific

Techlets provide crisis management solution for British Council

Techlets provide crisis management solution for British Council



The British Council needed media monitoring of different projects under key thematic areas for marketing and communications efforts, including: real-time tracking of media mentions; news and discussion content relevant to key words and phrases; and monitoring schematics of British Councils’ various mediums and channels such as social media, digital sphere, print media, e-publications, RSS feeds and blogs.
A key requirement was to track real-time negative sentiments related to chatter across different media spheres prior to going viral so they have some time to deploy early countermeasures. Real- time monitoring of potential media crisis (non-favorable mentions) related to British Council and the UK, real-time alerts for media crisis, real-time reports on any media crisis based on sentiment scores, source and potential escalation points, project/events-based media crisis.

SMMO Solution

Recommendations for Popular Thematic Areas

Techlets’ SMMO was used to monitor trends and popularity patterns associated with British Council’s publications and to guide them on future strategies for effective outreach programs. key thematic areas and provided a deeper understanding of the schematics needed to ensure the desired/predicted outreach outcomes. For example:

  • Suggestions on effective channels for each thematic area and associate demographic, content had more consumption on Instagram stories than Snapchat for Islamabad.
  • Suggestions on frequency and timing of the content to effectively consume target user’s available attention slots for longer page views and low bounce rates.
  • Recommendation on content schematics, use of keywords and language as per cultural nuances of the target audience or region.
  • Negative Chatter Handling

    Typically, blogs have a wide reach, so major news outlets also become involved in trending topics, irrespective whether positive or negative, and so a key finding is that internet memes have becomes a nationwide phenomenon. Consequently, SMMO’s online coverage was extended so when an article is published about the British Council online, our systems will capture them and send alerts at the appropriate time.

    Problem Decomposition

    Whenever anyone uses the British Council’s brand, our sentiment analysis sorts between positive and negative comments to identify potential issues.

    Filtering Noise In Times Of Crisis

    The British Council does not have in-house resources to sift through thousands of mentions, especially during a crisis. Our filters reduced noise to quickly find the most important information and associated probabilities of virality.

    Location Mapping

    Our geo-location functions map where people are using specified keywords, spread information and negative sentiments.


    We provided real-time alert capabilities to inform the British Council media communications teams in situations of possible negative escalation e.g., crisis, via email and SMS. For example, when an unexpected increase of mentions for British Council appears, we pushed an email and/or SMS notification based on an assigned priority.

    Narrow Focus

    Our dashboards helped filter through the data to look for pertinent information: time, source, language, countries, impact score and sentiments.

    Client Testimonial

    “Our team is satisfied with the Techlets’ services and their team, who have shown a positive attitude with customer support. They are willing to work towards improvements with ongoing system releases, adding insights, capabilities and data visualizations.
    We can therefore recommend Techlets Pvt. Ltd to provide professional media monitoring solutions and strong reporting capabilities.”
    Sardar Khurram Shabir | Head of Procurement British High Commission