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Techlets provide people management solution for Sonepar Asia-Pacific

Techlets provide people management solution for Sonepar Asia-Pacific

Techlets provide people management solution for Sonepar Asia-Pacific


Sonepar APAC has 4,500+ employees working across 14 countries with different languages, regions and cultures sharing and communicating data that is critical to the proper functioning of the organization. Every data point can be interpreted differently in different part of Asia, based on the context of the end user. To complicate the situation further, current data and communication tools were operational in segregated models, providing a different version of the current state of data because of poor data entry workflows, broken data pipes and limited or no middleware to ensure data consistency during transactions.

SMA Solution

The SMA feature stack serves marketers and advertisers via a consolidation engine, which uses machine learning and big data to cleanse, pre-process and consolidate data from diverse sources as per schematics in real-time.Further, SMA has strong natural language processing capabilities to parse natural sentences in multiple languages e.g., Chinese, Thai, French, Spanish, Arabic, Roman Urdu, into computable tokens. The above-mentioned capabilities were used to deploy a variant of SMA tailored for Sonepar APAC. Hundreds of use cases facilitated critical data communications from various data repositories to Associates of Sonepars located across 10 countries. The solution delivered a single source of truth (SSOT) across 500+ data points, 7 languages, 79 organizations and 612 physical locations while significantly decreasing costs on significant resource consumption, previously used to acquire, process and orchestrate the related data repositories.

Client Testimonial

“As part of a global organization, Sonepar Asia-Pacific, with 4,500+ employees working across 10 countries works with a variety of global suppliers who are able to deliver exceptional work on very challenging deadlines. On this basis, we selected Techlets as a technology partner for their capabilities in design and development of advanced analytics and data mining-based decision support systems and they gave exceeded our expectations with the platform.”
Bruno Vastel Director Asia-Pacific Communications and Market Development Sonepar Asia-Pacific