Quality Policy Statement

Techlets (Private) Limited is a marketing technology software platform powered by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data software. We continuously make efforts to delight our customers by providing extra ordinary quality in our products and services. Techlets utilizes a proven team of experts with extensive knowledge in software development, data science, design and communication.

In order to achieve the desired quality of our products and services, we undertake the following steps:

  1. Develop and continuously improve a proper quality control department whose function is to check all the software development, social and digital media content before publishing it.

  2. Find shortcomings in our services and work to improve the same.

  3. Prevent defect outflow to next process, and feedback to previous process for enhanced quality assurance.

  4. Document the business process and have stakeholders review and approve each step. This ensures expectations are set and that all are on the same page. It is easy to refer back to a written document as opposed to trying to remember what was verbally agreed upon.

  5. Ensure that each process is understood by all participants. This is the key to achieving quality results. If the process is documented, expectations are set and all stakeholders have agreed upon its content, then only one step is left which includes detailed work instructions and trainings.

  6. Critically examine what each process is trying to achieve, the required inputs and the expected results.

  7. Periodically measure the KPI’s for each business process and understanding the results of a process in a timely manner allowing us to make corrections to be made along, if any. This ultimately results in process optimization.

  8. Assign accountability of all the processes to different process owners and team leads.

  9. We believe in simplifying and automating the lengthy processes with the help of different softwares and tools, complexity leads to errors and to make the system error free and utilize our resources in more productive work we believe in automating the systems.

We actively promote our Quality Policy and have a quality assurance department in place to ensure consistency and visibility of quality standards, processes and performance indicators placed at all levels, and to anticipate and develop future quality capability requirements.