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British Council - Crisis Management Solution

Techlets Pvt. Ltd. transformed the British Council’s media monitoring, providing instant insights and crisis management solutions to enhance communication strategies.

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British Council faced the critical challenge of managing its online reputation across diverse media platforms. With a vast array of thematic projects, they needed real-time monitoring to swiftly address negative sentiments and potential crises before they spiraled out of control.


Techlets’ cutting-edge Social Media Monitoring and Optimization (SMMO) solution delivered real-time insights and crisis management tools. Our platform offered tailored thematic recommendations, efficiently handled negative chatter, and provided robust notification systems. By leveraging advanced analytics, we empowered the British Council to navigate the digital landscape effectively and maintain a positive online reputation.

Covering 500+ Data Points
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Consolidation of data streamlined from 79 companies
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Encompassed profiles of more than 4500 employees
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Noise Reduction

Amidst crises, the British Council lacked internal capacity to assess through extensive mentions. Our solution swiftly filters noise, spotlighting critical insights and gauging potential virality. By prioritizing essential data, we empower timely decision-making and effective crisis management, ensuring the British Council stays agile and responsive in challenging times.

British Council Noise Reduction
British Council Negative Chatter

Negative Chatter Management

Our solution expanded online coverage, promptly capturing articles related to the British Council. By leveraging advanced algorithms, we detect emerging trends and potential crises, enabling proactive alerting. This ensures swift responses to negative chatter, safeguarding the British Council’s reputation and fostering proactive reputation management.

Location Mapping

The platform utilizes geo-location mapping to identify where conversations and sentiments are concentrated. This data offers valuable insights into audience demographics and regional preferences, enabling targeted engagement strategies. By connecting with audiences on a local level, the British Council enhances brand resonance and fosters meaningful interactions.

British Council Location Mapping



In conclusion, Techlets’ SMMO solution transformed the British Council’s media monitoring strategy, enhancing their ability to navigate the digital landscape effectively. With comprehensive insights and proactive crisis management capabilities, our partnership ensured the British Council could maintain a positive online reputation and engage with its audience strategically.


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