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ePeople, a brainchild of Techlets Pvt. Ltd., is a cutting-edge HRM tool that is revolutionizing performance management through talent assessment, goal tracking, and personalized career development.

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Driven by industry feedback and market research, Techlets recognized the pressing need for a streamlined HRM solution. Challenges like outdated performance evaluation methods and lack of employee engagement fueled the creation of ePeople, tailored to address these concerns.


In response to identified challenges, Techlets meticulously crafted ePeople, a comprehensive HRM solution. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, ePeople offers seamless talent assessment, robust goal tracking, and personalized career development features. Its intuitive interface empowers HR professionals to streamline performance management processes and foster a culture of continuous growth within organizations, revolutionizing the way businesses approach employee development.

Covering 500+ Data Points
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Consolidation of data streamlined from 79 companies
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Encompassed profiles of more than 4500 employees
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Talent Review

Unlock the full potential of your workforce through ePeople’s Talent Review feature. Effortlessly assess employee capabilities, identify emerging talents, and strategize succession plans. With intuitive tools and insightful analytics, make informed decisions to optimize talent deployment and drive organizational success.

ePeople Talent Assessment
epeople goal management

Goal Management

Empower your team to achieve greatness with ePeople’s Goal Management feature. Seamlessly set, track, and manage goals aligned with organizational objectives. Utilize customizable frameworks, set SMART goals, progress tracking, and real-time updates to foster accountability, enhance productivity, and ensure every milestone is met efficiently.

Career planning

Elevate employee satisfaction and retention with ePeople’s Career Planning feature. Empower individuals to map out their career paths, access tailored development resources, and receive personalized guidance. Foster a culture of continuous growth, engagement, and loyalty by investing in each employee’s professional journey and aspirations.

epeople Caeer Planning



ePeople stands as a transformative solution, reshaping how organizations approach HRM. Through its innovative features, it has empowered businesses to optimize talent, enhance performance, and foster career growth. The tangible impact witnessed underscores its value, affirming its pivotal role in driving organizational success and excellence.

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