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Techlets’ innovative People Management Solution empowered Sonepar Asia-Pacific to overcome complex workforce management challenges, achieve data consistency, and drive organizational success.

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Sonepar Asia-Pacific, a premier electrical distribution enterprise, encountered a formidable task: harmonizing its extensive workforce spanning 79 companies across 14 countries. With 4,500 employees from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, disseminating crucial information accurately proved challenging. Existing tools operated to cater local or regional needs, resulting in disjointed workflows, fragmented data flow, and HRM data consolidation issues.


Techlets revolutionized Sonepar Asia-Pacific’s operations with a bespoke People Management Solution. Powered by SMA (SaaS for Marketers and Advertisers), it streamlined data from diverse sources in real time, ensuring accuracy. The solution’s natural language processing supported multilingual communication, fostering cohesion. With SMA addressing numerous use cases, it provided a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) across languages, organizations, and locations, significantly cutting resource costs.

Encompassed profiles of more than 4500 employees
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Consolidation of data streamlined from 79 companies
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Covering 500+ Data Points
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Data Management

Techlets’ SMA (SaaS for Marketers and Advertisers) revolutionizes data management for Sonepar APAC. It seamlessly cleanses, pre-processes, and consolidates data from diverse sources in real-time. This ensures accuracy and consistency, bridging cultural and linguistic gaps within the organization. Its robust natural language processing capabilities facilitate smooth communication across various languages, enhancing overall efficiency.

Sonepar Data Management
Sonepar Single Source of Truth

Single Source of Truth (SSOT)

Techlets Pvt. Ltd’s tailored SMA variant for Sonepar APAC ensures uniform data interpretation across global offices, maintaining centralized reporting. This solution facilitates vital data communication with Sonepar associates worldwide, ensuring a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) across diverse parameters while reducing resource costs significantly.

People Management

At Sonepar APAC, efficient people management is paramount. Centralized oversight enables seamless handling of promotions, transfers, and task committees, while also managing access levels for roles and accounts. This holistic approach fosters collaboration and boosts organizational efficiency, ensuring smooth operations across the board.

Sonepar People Management



Techlets’ innovative solutions transformed Sonepar APAC’s operations. With streamlined data management, a unified source of truth, and efficient people management, collaboration surged. Costs decreased, productivity soared, and organizational cohesion reached new heights. Sonepar emerged as a model of efficiency, poised for continued success in a dynamic market landscape.


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